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Know your why with Kelli Martin

Or more specifically, know your why in business

Back in 2015, “know your why” was just gaining recognition after Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk in 2014, and this is whenKelli decided to start her own business, to go it alone and do law differently. It wasn’t always an easy journey, and along the way, Kelli discovered why it’s important to find your why.

How would you do things differently?

It’s pretty common knowledge not to do the same things and expect different results, and doing it different was at the front of Kelli’s mind as she started from scratch, finding the building blocks for the systems, staffing and processes we all need to start our businesses and keep things ticking along.

Who is Kelli Martin?

As Founder and Managing Partner of KLM Solicitors, Kelli Martin grew her business from a staff of two to almost thirty people in less than five years. She has balanced a busy legal career, frequently dealing with traumatic domestic and family violence while also devoting her time to supporting women through various community organisations.

The awards speak for themselves: The Excellence Award in the Australasian Law Awards in the Law Firm Leader of the Year (<200 employees) category [2021]; Queensland Law Society’s Access to Justice (Private Practice) Award [2021]; and Queensland State Finalist in the Telstra Best of Business Awards, Accelerating Women category [2021] amongst others.

None of this would have been possible without attention to self care and her “personal why”, and this is the story Kelli shares with us.

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