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You’re great at what you do. People tell you all the time, but there never seems to be enough of the right kind of attention coming your way. Praise is lovely, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to connect with potential clients that feels more like a conversation, a real connection instead of feeling like you’re just going in time and again with your elevator pitch, feeling like a door-to-door sales rep every time you do it?

In this e-book we are sharing what we’ve learned about efficient content making over our careers. We’ll introduce you to our concept of the content web; how to identify themes and topics for your business to create content around; have a look at some case studies; and give you a workbook with prompts so you can start planning your own Content Web!

I want to know how to make content more efficiently

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Content for getting on top of your SEO game

Is SEO worth it?

That seems like a no-brainer… we all know SEO is worth it, but there are many types of SEO content to consider. Making content also places a very high demand on our time, so finding a way to manage the demands of making content to satisfy the hungry SEO beast can get a bit overwhelming, which means our content goals end up sitting on the back burner.

But what if everything you created could also be used in other ways to expand the content options available to you and help achieve more with less?

A better way to manage SEO content

At Welcome Change Media, we work to a model we call the content web, in which every piece of content is interconnected and can be used in ways to easily extend your reach and SEO searchability. Our methods are simple and yield a high volume of assets from each piece of content so you can keep up with, or even ahead of, SEO content demands and watch your SEO improve over time.