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Willow Tree Manor – Episode Eight

Matters are brought to rest surrounding Alexis’ death just as the crew from Bulldozers ‘R’ Us depart for Branton to carry out her final plans for Willow Tree Manor.

Willow Tree Manor – Episode Six

Tensions rise as Chardonée’s fractured family relationship is thrown into the spotlight and Alexis’ plans come posthumously to the surface. Othello rehearsals don’t go well.

Willow Tree Manor – Episode Five

A family reunion is interrupted by another police visit and more allegations from one half of the investigative team, while the other pair alights on a hot lead.

Willow Tree Manor – Episode Four

The surprise arrival of Chardonée and Frank Mills causes suspicion as backup arrives from the city to deepen the murder investigation.

Willow Tree Manor – Episode Two

Alexis wastes no time progressing her ideas on profiting from Willow Tree Manor and decides to let a few home truths fly when she meets Allison down at the dam. As Allison takes things up with Narelle, Raelene bursts in with more distressing news.

Willow Tree Manor – Episode One

Narelle’s Aunt May has suddenly passed away. Now she and her husband Jack face uncertainty about their future in Branton. As if the mounting pressure of a fast-approaching opening night wasn’t enough, Narelle now has to contend with an unexpected visit from her Cousin Alexis.