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Narelle’s Aunt May has suddenly passed away. Now she and her husband Jack face uncertainty about their future in Branton. As if the mounting pressure of a fast-approaching opening night wasn’t enough, Narelle now has to contend with an unexpected visit from her Cousin Alexis.

Written, performed and produced in Adelaide, South Australia, Willow Tree Manor is the story of a family whose fortunes turn when a generous aunt passes away. Narelle’s cousin, Alexis, turns up dead in a dam on the property not long after and the local police mount an investigation to figure out who killed her.

Satire, set in a fictional country town in the 1990’s, Willow Tree Manor transforms the mundane into the ridiculous.

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COVID-19 has hit the entertainment industry hard, with emerging and established artists hit by restrictions. If you’re in lockdown, hopefully this production has given you some welcome escape to brighten your day. All contributors will be paid on a profit share arrangement, so your support is greatly appreciated.

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About us: Louise Poole and Andy Le Roy.

Louise has worked in Australian commercial radio, media and broadcasting for over 20 years, in on air and brand management roles. Her CV includes hosting 973fm Brisbane, Queensland, morning radio announcer and music director for 8+ years, Content Director of Darwin, Northern Territory radio stations MIX 1049, Hot 100. More info about Louise Poole here.

Andy has over twenty years leadership experience, across a range of fields including broadcasting, aged care and telecommunications. His CV includes Darwin’s top rating drive-time radio program to managing a successful community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia, helping it to expand its community appeal by leading the station to innovate its content. More info about Andy Le Roy here