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Starting a Podcast for Your Business

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Welcome Change Media’s Andy Le Roy chats to Bec McCoan, Content Manager at Women’s Network Australia, about their podcast journey which has resulted in WNA Trailblazers, a collaboration between Women’s Network Australia and Welcome Change Media, bringing stories from across WNA to the ears of its members and beyond.

WNA Trailblazers

WNA Trailblazers - building confidence in girls

Women from across Australia’s own women’s business network share their stories and perspective as Women’s Network Australia amplifies the voices of women in business in this trailblazing new podcast. CEO Cheryl Gray talks to women from across the network who have found success in their own careers working for themselves or others.

Why your business needs a podcast

Amongst other things, branded podcasts are a great way to boost your SEO performance. Listen now for other reasons your business needs its own podcast.