Why your business needs a podcast

If you’re trying to build your audience but not sure what kind of impact you’re currently having, taking a dive into your listener statistics is a great way to get an understanding of what’s working the best and connecting the most with your listeners.

In this episode of Elevating Experts, Andy and Louise discuss why your business needs a podcast, but here are some of our top tips:

  • SEO will love your transcripts
  • Your will build stronger relationships
  • Podcast listeners (like you!) are engaged listeners

Here are some extra resources linked to today’s episode:

Why Every Company Should Start A Branded Podcast – Article from Castos

BBC Global Neuro-Insight Study


Edison podcast studies


Podcast Trends and Issues in Australia and Beyond: Global Perspectives; University of Canberra


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About us: Louise Poole and Andy Le Roy.

Louise has worked in Australian commercial radio, media and broadcasting for over 20 years, in on air and brand management roles. Her CV includes hosting 973fm Brisbane, Queensland, morning radio announcer and music director for 8+ years, Content Director of Darwin, Northern Territory radio stations MIX 1049, Hot 100. More info about Louise Poole here.

Andy has over twenty years leadership experience, across a range of fields including broadcasting, aged care and telecommunications. His CV includes Darwin’s top rating drive-time radio program to managing a successful community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia, helping it to expand its community appeal by leading the station to innovate its content. More info about Andy Le Roy here


Episode Transcript

Andy: Do you ever wish that you could find a secret weapon that would help you stand out from your competitors, position you as an expert in your field, help you connect with your community and build relationships with your audience /customers? Well, we have the answer and it’s a branded podcast! I’m Andy Le Roy

Louise: and I’m Louise Poole, and we’re giving you the insights to help elevate you as an expert in your field.

{Elevating Experts}

Andy: We assume that you already love podcasts, after all you’re listening to this one, and that you find immense value in them. But there’s a few things that you might not have realised about podcasts that you could take advantage of to enhance your business and grow your audience.

Louise: Ready for some stats Andy? Doctor Poole is in the studio.

Andy: I thought Doctor Poole was your scientist character?

Louise: Well now she also is a mathematician… If she can use her phone calculator

Andy: Go on Doctor!

Louise: Do you know about 5.6 million Australians or 26% of the population are podcast listeners? According to a study, the number of Australians aged 12+ who listen to online audio weekly actually increased to 66% of the population from 63% a year ago. So, podcast listeners are also growing.

Andy: I think firstly we need to tackle any outdated perceptions that a podcast is just two friends shooting the breeze, recording in their closet, and talking about their favourite movies. It CAN be that, but it can also be so much more as podcasts give you a chance to reach listeners in places that other media doesn’t.

Louise: The difference is that a branded podcast is a marketing initiative by a brand that’s not strictly promotional, but ties into the brand’s messaging.

Andy: Branded podcasts exhibit the same storytelling qualities of a typical podcast, but they also align with the brand’s mission. The distinction is it’s not an ad disguised as a podcast. It’s a way for you to add extra value for your customers and audience and create those relationships with them.

Louise: I mean, this is a branded podcast that you’re listening to right now. Welcome Change Media, which is our business, is the brand. And we specialise in making podcasts. Both ones that we are personally passionate about, but also ones for clients that have subjects that they are passionate about.

Andy: So, a podcast like Elevating Experts, it’s not an ad. It’s a way for us to share our skills and knowledge, and help you along your podcasting journey. Not only because we believe in community over competition, but also because somewhere in your journey, you or someone  you know, may need to engage services like ours to help you.

Louise: There was a BBC global news neuro-insight study done that discovered that branded podcasts are more effective than TV or radio ads. They learned that brand mentions within a branded podcast stood out. The stats say it delivered 16% higher engagement and 12% higher memory encoding, than the surrounding content which is 5% higher than radio and 22% higher than television.

Andy: While effective advertising is very much focused on a call to action, the strength of regular podcast content is that it offers value to your listeners and it’s always there for them to come back to and listen to again.

Louise: When you make a podcast, you’re putting the choice back into the hands of your listeners. Podcasts are easy to consume. For example, they could choose to press play while they’re commuting, doing chores, or listening while they work. Either way your audience chooses to listen, subscribe, and come back because of the expertise that you offer.

Andy: Speaking of expertise! This is what our whole podcast is about. And branded podcasting is going to help you position yourself as an expert. When you own a business, building trust is important, so you can create a show that will allow you to share your knowledge and expertise in a way that suits your topic and your listeners and make you the go-to source for their information.

Louise: More stats Andy?

Andy: Sure

Louise: Podcast listeners are engaged listeners. Over 50% of podcast listeners say the most important reason people have for listening to podcasts is to get a deeper understanding or gain a wider perspective of topics. They are also more likely to listen all the way through to the end. Which means that your message is more likely to be heard and calls to action or more likely to be followed.

Andy: And I think by far one of the biggest benefits of having your own branded podcast is SEO. SEO or search engine optimization will affect how your website and your content gets ranked in places like Google and what keywords people are searching for.

Louise: Let’s use us as an example, if someone is searching for keywords like ‘podcast production Australia’ Welcome Change Media wants to be number one on that search engine page. Because if you can make it onto that first page of Google, the user is more likely to choose your business to hire for the action that they want to take.

Andy: So, this podcast, Elevating Experts, is around 5 minutes of keyword rich content around podcasting and content creation. The people who are looking for business like ours might be searching for these types of phrases. Even though Google can’t tell what you’ve said in the podcast…

Louise: Yet

Andy:  …  if you also drop a transcript on your website and repurpose it for articles, blogs and social media then that’s going to help feed into that SEO and boost your business ranking when potential customers search for those keywords.

Louise: It’s also likely that in the not-too-distant future, especially with podcasts booming, that Google will start to index actual podcast audio. Facebook as well is starting to get into the podcast market, and like when they’ve rolled out new technologies in the past across their platforms, they’ll probably reward creators who embrace these early technologies, through more reach and boosted content views.

Andy: So, we’ve covered a lot of ground here and there are certainly a lot of benefits for you to start your own podcast – whether you’re a business, a coach, or a content creator building a community of like-minded people. Let’s recap the main benefits:

Louise: Having a podcast strengthens your brand in your listeners mind and increases brand loyalty.

Andy: It gives you an opportunity to provide Evergreen content, particularly for commonly asked questions

Louise: Niche driven content improves your SEO

Andy: and it’s a fun non-salesy way to connect with your customers and audience Louise: Next time on Elevating Experts, Captain Obvious makes his debut to talk about Meaningful Labels.