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What you need to start a podcast

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast and thought “I could do that!” you’re absolutely right! It’s easier that you might think.

In this episode of Elevating Experts, Andy and Louise discuss what you need to start your own podcast, but here are some of our top takeaways:

* Anyone can start a podcast

* You don’t need expensive equipment to start

* Starting a podcast is affordable

Extra Notes:

Test video of the Rode NT USB Mini

Audacity, the free open source audio software

Cleanfeed  – Live audio with anyone in the world


Louise’s headphones


Product review Wired Headphones under $100 (sorted by review)


Learn everything you need to start a podcast. What equipment do you need to start a podcast? How do I start a podcast?

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About us: Louise Poole and Andy Le Roy.

Louise has worked in Australian commercial radio, media and broadcasting for over 20 years, in on air and brand management roles. Her CV includes hosting 973fm Brisbane, Queensland, morning radio announcer and music director for 8+ years, Content Director of Darwin, Northern Territory radio stations MIX 1049, Hot 100. More info about Louise Poole here.

Andy has over twenty years leadership experience, across a range of fields including broadcasting, aged care and telecommunications. His CV includes Darwin’s top rating drive-time radio program to managing a successful community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia, helping it to expand its community appeal by leading the station to innovate its content. More info about Andy Le Roy here


Episode Transcript

Andy: We know you enjoy listening to podcasts. After all, you’re listening to this one here! And you’ve probably heard a podcast or two and thought to yourself ‘I could do that’. And you know what, you probably can. Anyone can start a podcast. I’m Andy Le Roy..

Louise: and I’m Louise Poole, and we’re giving you the insights to help elevate you as an expert in your field.

[Elevating Experts]

Andy: So, if anyone can start a podcast should you?

Louise: Short answer – yes! In this episode of elevating experts, we’re going to bust some podcasts myths and find out if podcasting is right for you.

Andy: There’s lots of reasons to start a podcast – firstly it’s fun. But it’s also important to recognise what you want to achieve from the podcast. 

Louise: There’s a lot of people out there who will tell you that too many podcasts already exist, it’s expensive to buy all the equipment, it’s a crowded market, so if you can’t be the best of the best of the best then you shouldn’t try and at Welcome Change Media we tell you not to listen to those naysayers! 

Andy: Besides the fact that the data doesn’t back that claim up, it also comes from a shortage consciousness that says there’s not enough for all of us. There’s 7.6 billion people on earth – I’m sure you can find at least a few who will connect with your podcast. So let’s bust some of these myths.

Louise: You don’t have to be the best. Not every novelist is going to write a bestseller and not every podcast is going to end up at the top of the podcast charts but that doesn’t mean that you can’t offer value to the audience that you serve.

Andy: Sometimes, that audience is a bunch of friends having fun talking about Dungeons and Dragons and other times that audience is the clients you build for your business. Thing is, both are valid audiences to serve, and you don’t need a lot of experience to do it.

Louise: We might both come from a professional Commercial Radio background but you don’t have to. What it takes to make a podcast is to be a good communicator and to understand how to tell a good story. That is a skill anybody can learn. 

Andy: What you need is passion and commitment, because make no mistake, it’s fun making a podcast but it does take work. The other thing that you’ll need is the right equipment and it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Louise: I’ve literally spent decades working in high-quality professional radio studios that cost tens of thousands to put together. But this audio that I’m now making for you in my spare bedroom is just as good. Technology has come so far that it is possible to get studio quality sound while you’re sitting at home in your pyjamas.

Andy: So once you look at who the audience is that you want a serve with your podcast, you can work out how much money you should invest in buying equipment .

Louise: If you want to start a podcast just for the joy of starting a podcast, ‘cos it’s fun, something to share with your friends and family and you don’t have dreams of trying to become the next Joe Rogan then you could get by with just your computer and the headset mic/earbuds combo that usually comes with your phone. 

Andy: But if you’re looking at starting a podcast from a professional point of view, maybe you’re a full-time creator, a coach and want to share your expertise, or have your own business and you’d like a branded podcast for SEO then you’ll want to invest in getting the better audio quality early.

Louise: That doesn’t mean you need to get that $800 microphone. I’ve got a bunch of microphones in my home studio and one of them is an $800 microphone and you know what? That doesn’t sound as good as the podmic one which was I think about $230.

Andy:  Getting down to specifics, here’s our recommendations on budget friendly equipment you could get to make a podcast that sounds professional. And none of this is sponsored by the way. 

Louise: For a starter microphone I really like the Rode NT USB Mini, they have a free app that you can use to tweak the sound of that mic; 

Andy: and I really like the blue yeti usb microphone because they’re affordable at around the $200 mark and they sound awesome…

Louise: You’ll also need a quality pair of headphones. I personally prefer wired headphones which I know goes against the trend of everyone having Bluetooth headphones, but I think the sound quality is better particularly when you’re recording and there’s no delay.  I use the Sony studio monitors mdr-7506, but you can you get away with a lot cheaper ones. 

Andy: The ones I’m using are literally a pair I found in a drawer and they sound just fine!.

Louise: And for software, Audacity is a free program it’s available on Mac and PC.

Andy: Or if you want to start a podcast with a friend or colleague and they’re not in the same room as you, then there’s another program called clean feed which you can both plug your microphones into from separate locations and log in for free. You just hit record and it will come out sounding like you are in fact in the same room. 

Louise: So, starting a podcast doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Andy: As far as the myth goes that you already need public speaking experience or media experience to start your own podcast,  that’s just simply not true.  Those are skills that anybody can learn.  

Louise: Most people like myself who have worked in commercial radio in Australia have honed those skills by working a whole heap of other jobs, where they made a whole heap of mistakes before they got to Commercial Metro radio.  So, all those skills can be honed with practice and consistency.

Andy: Your first episode doesn’t have to be perfect and you know what? your next one is probably not going to be perfect and neither is the next one and actually they probably never will be. 

Louise: I’ve noticed that in all of my years of presenting I’ve always found a way to be able to criticize myself and think that there was another way that I could do it better, so what’s important is that you get it out that you give it a go and find the fun in it.

Andy: And remember to show up consistently – it’s how you make relationships with your audience that matter.

Louise: So to recap those myths that we’re busting about podcasting today:

Andy: Anyone can start a podcast. You don’t need to have the experience already, you just need to be willing to learn and commit to the idea.

Louise: You don’t need expensive equipment to start creating a podcast.

Take a look at your audience and the kind of program that you want to create and then stay within the budget of what’s achievable to you, because you can make high quality productions without expensive equipment.

Andy: You don’t need a lot of experience to do it. What you do need is a commitment to grow and learn. And you need to be consistent. We’ve left a few handy links in the show notes

Louise: next time on Elevating Experts, why your business needs its own podcast.