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What makes a community flourish?  

Strengthening business recognises community is at the heart of everything, and aside from what is often performative corporate action to be “seen to be good corporate citizens” are the people who become directly involved in their community from the ground up and help make all parts of that community thrive. 

If we want to strengthen our businesses, a strong and authentic connection to the local community matters, and at the heart of strong organisations is good governance. 

Who is Alice Tay?

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve spent thirty years doing the same thing throughout their career, but Alice Tay’s passion for law saw her spend thirty years as a corporate and commercial lawyer before turning her skills to Non-Executive Director roles. This is where she helps businesses and communities to flourish, taking advantage of the change she has witness across her years in the legal profession.

Alice is a keen observer, and knows how to address current and future challenges that might otherwise impede a business, organisation of community from growing.  

In this episode we chat to Alice about her career highlights and how she has adjusted throughout her career with the skills and experience she acquired.

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