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Support for Carers with Ronnie Benbow

Who cares for carers?

Support for carers, those people who take on responsibilities far beyond what most of us imagine, not only physically, but emotionally. Maybe you have someone in your care as you read this. This episode is for you.

If you’re not a caregiver, would you know what is involved in being a carer? Would you know what support is available for carers if you found yourself caring for someone with a disability or chronic illness? It was the lack of support available for career that prompted Ronnie and Michael Benbow to start The Carer’s Foundation by introducing Carer Retreats for unpaid family carers.

Who is Ronnie Benbow?

As Founding Director of The Carer’s Foundation, Ronnie Benbow has cared for people both personally and professionally. Her husband, Michael, her father and one of her own sons are amongst those she has cared for. Ronnie understands carers are often stressed, exhausted, almost broken and riddled with guilt should they even think about taking time out.

Ronnie has also worked as a Registered Nurse, so she has seen Carer burnout from both sides.

Through her work, Ronnie has seen hundreds of carers leave retreats after just a few days with feeling of empowerment, more resilient and with a sense of hope knowing they’re welcome to return for respite again. 

With no regular government funding to continue to alleviate the social isolation often associated with Caring, Ronnie is leading The Carers Foundation Australia to grow, and we know you’ll be inspired by her story.

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