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Navigating your own path can feel daunting. What got you to where you are now? What will it take to get where you want to be? In high school, Adrianne Fleming had a dream to fly planes, so imagine how deflated she felt when the school’s Vice Principal told her she must have meant air stewardess, because women don’t fly planes. Thankfully the times have changed since then, and in this case, Adrianne was one of the trailblazers showing girls, and anyone with an interest in flying, that they too can make it happen.

How commitment leads to success

Adrianne shares her story with Cheryl Gray in this episode where it becomes clear that persistence is key. When navigating your own path, commitment matters whether it’s a business or life goal. Adrianne’s path also highlights the value in considering every option to support our long-term vision. Adrianne knows first-hand how to create and take up those opportunities.

Who is Adrianne Fleming?

Adrianne Fleming OAM GAICD is an aviation training specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. She co-founded Tristar Aviation in 1993 with her husband, which now stands as the oldest single ownership flight training school on Moorabbin Airport. Adrianne is a board member of the Professional Aviation Board of Certification and currently serves on the CASA Aviation Safety Advisory Panel. In 2020, Adrianne was appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister to the Future of Aviation Reference Panel.

Adrianne is the author of The Left Seat and having already helped thousands of people fulfil their dream of learning how to fly, wants to help you, too.  

Listen now and learn how to expertly navigate your path, whether you dream flight is an aircraft or helping your business to soar.

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