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All the training in the world about how we can look after our own mental health at work is ineffective unless employers include ways to support it. A recent study showed just 52% of people felt they worked in a mentally health environment. ,This is startling, given we all know why mental health at work is important.  

Knowing how mental health can affect our work, how do we discuss or even begin to manage mental health in the workplace? Yes, we have a mental health act, and we have rights, but how do we take the jargon and litigious language out of leadership discussions and make sure we’re looking after each other, human to human?

Who is Jude Kingston? 

Jude Kingston has worked across the broad spectrum of the Australian and International fashion industries for close to thirty years, and it would be fair to say she’s “seen some things”. Her charity Mind Your Fashion is all about raising awareness and creating positive change for mental health in the fashion and creative industries.  

Jude talks to WNA CEO Cheryl Gray about how we, as individuals and employers, can look after each other and make sure everyone has access to the resources they need in the workplace to support good mental health. It’s simpler than you might imagine, and something that could save your business significant dollars and eliminate avoidable heartbreak at the same time. 

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