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Managing big life changes is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind as we cheer our athletes on, watching them smash world records and bring home the gold. In life’s big moments, we’re spurred on by their strength. But when it’s time for them to make way for our new stars, they face major life transitions without us even paying a second thought. 

Who’s teaching our elite athletes how to handle life transitions after they hang up the boots? While we may ask, ourselves, why life transitions are so hard and if they’re worth it, sometimes they’re simply necessary. As we transition through life stages like gaining our independence, raising a family or menopause, we often do so in silence, not realising the person next to us, or even the people on our screens, are going through exactly the same things, and feeling exactly the same way.  

Who are Libby and Luke Trickett? 

Libby Trickett, co-founder of  Unlocking Her Potential and husband Luke Trickett, co-founder and CEO of Marmalade Marmalade have overcome the pointy end of transition together. For Libby, it was finding her way to herself and what was important to her after competitive swimming was no longer an option and she faced the dreaded “R word” when she retired from swimming at the ripe old age of 24. For Luke, the transition was different, and he found a way to turn Libby’s pain point of a “lumpy cash flow” as a new business owner, and create something to ease the pain for her and thousands of business owners around the country.  

Libby and Luke chat to WNA CEO Cheryl Gray about their transition from the pool into a new life away from the limelight, and without all the support their sporting careers once afforded them. We might not all be Olympic swimmers, but chances are we can all relate to the stress and fears around not having enough money to keep a roof over our heads, which is something the couple were forced to confront. 

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