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Make your relationships count

Great sales will acknowledge that it’s not a numbers game, it’s about the relationships you form, and sometimes you have to modify how you say things to make that connection. The same applies for social media, so how what needs to be considered when refining your brand voice for different platforms?

Facebook’s profit trend: https://www.statista.com/statistics/277229/facebooks-annual-revenue-and-net-income/

Most popular pages on Facebook in 2020: https://www.statista.com/statistics/269304/international-brands-on-facebook-by-number-of-fans/

Grumpy Cat social media platform comparison:
https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialGrumpyCat 7.9M followers
https://www.instagram.com/realgrumpycat/ 2.5MK followers
https://twitter.com/RealGrumpyCat 51K followers
https://www.pinterest.com.au/RealGrumpyCat/_saved/ 7.3K followers

Most popular pages per platform:

Facebook: For Australia in 2020, Nick Cheadle Fitness was the most popular brand Facebook page, with just over 1.7 million fans.

Instagram: the most popular for celebrity type influencers. Australia’s current top influencer is @svetabily

Twitter: most popular for journalism and information @andrewbiggs

Pinterest: This is more about collating ideas as a go-to for inspiration. Here’s how some of the top pinners are doing it… https://www.businessinsider.com.au/top-pinterest-accounts-to-follow-2015-2#pinner-luke-dean-weymark-uses-pinterest-to-keep-track-of-all-the-cool-tech-toys-he-wants-1


Louise: Any salesperson worth their salt will tell you it’s not a numbers game. Results happen when you connect with your client and modify your pitch to suit them. The same applies for the way you handle yourself on different social media platforms, so how do you refine your voice for each platform? I’m Louise Poole

Andy: And I’m Andy Le Roy, and we’re giving you the insights that elevate you as the expert in your field

Elevating Experts!
Louise: Social media marketing is growing quickly

Andy: And it’s still relatively new, which means it difficult for people to understand it’s benefit

Louise: It would be easy to think the medium is glib, full of surface level LOL’s and memes without much substance

Andy: But in 2020, Facebook alone posted a net profit of just over 29 billion dollars. So where did this money magically materialise from?

Louise: It wasn’t Grumpy Cat. Entirely.

Andy: And it wasn’t Cristiano Ronaldo’s page. Completely.

Louise: And while these pages have proven to be wildly popular on Facebook, they have different levels of popularity and engagement on other platforms.

Andy: What is it that makes something popular on one platform and not another?

Louise: Social media platforms have different point of attraction, and although it might be tempting to alter your style to fit in with another platform’s audience, this will most likely cause confusion around your brand.

Andy: So let’s have a look at some tips on how to get your brand voice loud and clear on some different social media platforms.

Louise: Instagram is a great place to start for this. It’s hook is it visual style, so whatever you’re posting needs to have visual appeal.

Andy: Variety is also crucial in keeping things fresh on Insta.

Louise: As an example, have a look at what we’re doing on the Any Excuse For Fashion Insta feed. There’s lots of colour and plenty of variety in the types of posts we’re engaging our community with.

Andy: The most effective way to engage your community on Insta is to serve interesting visual content, making sure reels are part of your strategy.

Louise: Yes, at the time this episode was published, Instagram’s algorithm LOVES when you post a reel. This might change down the track, depending on how the social media platform decides to develop it product, but right now, it’s those short form videos that are going to bring you more followers.

Andy: As a general rule, it’s always best to keep an eye on each platform’s creator brief to make sure the hard work you’re putting in on your post has the best chance of getting picked up by more people.

Louise: Facebook has even more options for connecting with your community, and has announced their next venture will be to offer podcasting as a means of connecting.

Andy: This is awesome news for podcasters, and also means that anyone choosing to go down this pathway needs to make sure their audio content is in line with their brand voice.

Louise: Facebook is the place people head to connect with pages and communities, with retailers being the most popular type of page on the platform

Andy: The way these pages connect are consistent in style and, of course, true to their brand.

Louise: The curators of crap taxidermy have perfected the art of the line “that feeling when…” and matching it to an unfortunate looking example of taxidermy

Andy: At the other end of the scale, Hay House uses beautiful graphics in their inspirational memes.

Louise: Check out the most popular Facebook site in Australia – the results might surprise you. Like anything, consistency and simplicity will keep your loyal followers happy.

Andy: If you want to mix it up with a broad variety of post types, go for gold! But keep it consistent. Ask yourself the question, though – do I really need to create every type of post to be successful? Our conclusion is no, that’s not the case.

Louise: Experiment a little bit and see which style brings out the personality of your brand the best and connects most with your community.  

Andy: Maybe the style that prompts your community to pause and pay attention on Facebook is a simple meme on a consistent graphic style, for example, so your energy will be better spent producing that.

Louise: Pinterest is a really interesting platform to look into. At first glance, it appears to be ‘just another meme sharing space’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth.
Andy: Think of Pinterest as the place people go to for inspiration and ideas. Like a vision board.

Louise: We all love a vision board!

Andy: And the best way to engage people on Pinterest is to post the things that will offer unique ideas that are practical or just plain beautiful.

Louise: I get a sense that this is where the gentle disrupters go to play.

Andy: And there’s always someone looking for some inspiration!

Louise: Social media is one of our absolute loves as Welcome Change Media, and we could spend hours exploring the topic, but let’s recap on some of the important points when approaching this field of dreams.

Andy: Before committing to a social media account on any of the platforms, have a look at the style of posts the most popular accounts are succeeding with.

Louise: It’s always a good idea to check the platform’s style guide to see what they’re favouring at the moment.

Andy: Rather than trying to create all types of media for your account, choose experiment and choose the medium that suits your brand voice the most.

Louise: Because in the end, it’s your brand voice that needs to come through consistently, wherever you emerge.

Andy: We’ve got some links in the show notes to help you get started

Louise: But remember, if you need some help getting it all together – that’s what we’re here for, too. Just send us an email!

Andy: Next time on Elevating Experts: how to get the most out of your microphone when you’re being interviewed.

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