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Innovations in retail

Retail blazes a trail

Managing and recovering from COVID is something many businesses have had to grapple with. One industry that has always relied on agility is the retail sector as retailers constantly look for strategies to move with the times and changing customer demands. COVID aside historical challenges for the sector have ranged from something as large as the global financial crisis, to hikes in interest rates. When policy is designed to tighten spending, customers predictably get more cautious at the till.

Retail industry changes are constant. Whether recovering from an event that hits at consumer confidence or managing day to day challenges, retail calibration is tricky business and resetting a store may no longer be the best option for retailers.

World Retail Congress brings insight

In this episode, Women’s Network Australia CEO talks to National Retail Commentator, Dominique Lamb, who had not long returned from the World Retail Congress in Rome. Dominique learned about a range of innovative measures and saw how retailers across the globe are keeping themselves relevant in an increasingly online sector. She shares some of these nuggets with Cheryl in this interview.

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