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Would being taught how to build a personal brand have helped you stay focused on your true goals? For example, have you ever been in the middle of an important work project then stopped and thought “why am I doing this?”

It’s an existential question we all come up against. We get so busy chasing our passion that we lose sight of who we are and what’s actually important. It inevitably impacts how we show up for things. So how do we hit the reset button without undoing all of our hard work?

Why personal branding is important

Self-branding is often touted as an elusive quest for self-promotion. Suzie Lightfoot wants to bust that myth and chats to Cheryl Gray about the impact of losing ourselves as we chase our passions. This is what leads us to question who we’re actually trying to please with what we do. If we want to reach our own great heights, we need to manage our climb in small steps. A part of that is knowing what personal branding is not.

Take the first step now and listen to Suzie’s story to learn how to connect with your inner wisdom and claim your success, your way. Learn how to build your personal brand.

Who is Suzie Lightfoot?

Suzie Lightfoot is a leadership development coach, mentor and online personal branding course creator for women leaders. From the (actual) dizzying heights of a 10-metre diving board to walking the catwalk for Vivienne Westwood, Suzie has seen great success and has also caught herself in that moment of working in a negative environment that sucks the life out of your soul, but it was in a moment of being seen and acknowledged by a stranger on the street that all changed.

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