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Getting your brand voice right

How does your favourite brand talk to you, and how would you feel if its tone suddenly changed? 

Your brand voice is crucial in keeping that strong, loyal bond with your customers and clients.

In this episode we look at how you can make sure your stay on brand.

Today’s Tips:

♦ Explore and define your brand’s voice.

♦ Create a style guide for anyone taking responsibility for communicating as your brand.

♦ Make sure the tone of your messages are consistent with your guide.

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Created and hosted by Louise Poole and Andy Le Roy.

Louise has worked in Australian commercial radio, media and broadcasting for over 20 years, in on air and brand management roles. Her CV includes hosting 973fm Brisbane, Queensland, morning radio announcer and music director for 8+ years, Content Director of Darwin, Northern Territory radio stations MIX 1049, Hot 100. More info about Louise Poole here.

Andy has over twenty years leadership experience, across a range of fields including broadcasting, aged care and telecommunications. His CV includes Darwin’s top rating drive-time radio program to managing a successful community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia, helping it to expand its community appeal by leading the station to innovate its content. More info about Andy Le Roy here

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Episode Transcript:

Getting your brand voice right:

How does your favourite brand talk to you, and how would you feel if its tone suddenly changed?  Your brand voice is crucial in keeping that strong, loyal bond with your customers and clients.

Louise Poole and Andy Le Roy, giving you the insights that empower you to become the expert in your field.

Elevating Experts!

Louise: We’re all familiar with the notion of everyone having their own voice. It’s pretty easy to tell, for example, when your friend’s social media account has been hacked and someone is posing as them.

Andy: We can tell it’s our friend talking not only by what they say, but how they say it.

Louise: And it’s no different when you think about the voice of a brand. 

Andy: Let’s say, for example, the person who normally runs the social media account for ABC accounting is a facts and figures person who always posts interesting facts about tax law. They might put up an interesting piece of information about little-known tax incentives, or an attention-grabbing piece on historical tax law.

Louise: Did you know, for example, that Australia’s film industry really took a turn for the better for a while when Australian tax law 10BA allowed a tax deduction for investment in Australian film projects? 

Andy: Exactly the kind of thing the social media manager likes to post to stay connected with their firm’s audience. But one sunny day, they decide to take a month off and go beach hopping.

Louise: Which is all good and well, but they left someone else in charge of the socials while they were away and suddenly their feed, which is normally interesting and insightful starts to tick up memes about tax claim fails and an unusually hard-line call-to-action approach. 

Andy: Now their feed is starting to attract a different type of viewer and lose the interest of its loyal followers. Instead of coming across as the tax professional with a deep interest in the ins and outs of tax law, it’s coming across as an attention-seeking marketeer in the eyes of its followers.

Louise: So while the social media manager comes back with a healthy level of vitamin D, they’ve got their work cut out for them rebuilding the trust of their audience.

Andy: Cue social media strategy for getting your voice right.

Louise: This came up in conversation recently in the hallways of Welcome Change Media, where we produce the Any Excuse For Fashion website.

Andy: As we grow the project further, we need to be really careful not to disrupt the voice Louise has created from day one on the project.

Louise: We have the benefit of brainstorming ideas,

Andy: And I’ve even helped to write some of the content in recent weeks,

Louise: And keeping that in mind, we’ve had to formulate a strategy to make sure the words you write are spoken in the words I use.

Andy: Because your voice is the one that carries the Any Excuse For Fashion image.

Louise: So when you’re looking at your own brand, have a think about how it speaks to its audience.

Andy: Is it cheeky, or wise?

Louise: Does it like to focus on facts or have a bit of fun?

Andy: If your brand was at a party, who are the people it would be hanging out with?

Louise: Once you’ve got these concepts embedded, write them into a style guide so your brand’s social media presence doesn’t suffer when your social media manager takes their well-deserved break.

Andy: So, having a unique voice isn’t just a personal trait, it goes with the territory of a brand’s personality, too. Let’s have a quick recap on how to find and maintain that voice.

Louise: Have a think about your brand’s personality. Is it serious, or a little bit quirky?

Andy: And quirky doesn’t necessarily mean reaching for cheap gags all the time.

Louise: Think about not only what your brand is saying to its friends, but how it says it.

Andy: Experiment a little bit to see where your brand voice gets the best response, then write down the elements of that voice in a style guide.

Louise: When delegating the management of the social media accounts to someone new, make sure they fully understand your brand’s voice so it stays consistent with how it connects with your audience.

Andy: Next time on Elevating Experts, our top five applications to stay productive.

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