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From Challenge to Cheer: Leigh Smith’s Lessons from Raising a Child with Down Syndrome

Experience the heartwarming story of Leigh Smith, who celebrates 53 years of marriage and cherishing a close-knit family, anchored by their daughter, Tiffany, born with Down Syndrome. From moments of shared laughter to global travels courtesy of Tiffany’s swimming talents, Leigh’s story underscores the sheer beauty of family and the joy that stems from embracing […]

Battling the System: David Woods’ Unstoppable Fight for His Son

David Woods shares his heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking journey, as he navigates the hurdles of ensuring a fair education for his autistic son, Jordan. From confronting schools that initially refused Jordan’s enrollment to handling bullying incidents, David’s unwavering determination paints a picture of a parent’s relentless love. Sponsored by Help Enterprises.

Beyond The Headlines: Nathan Ezard on the Beauty Within Disability

After his non-verbal son William, vanished for three harrowing days in Victorian bushland, Nathan Ezard shares the emotional rollercoaster of the intense search and the profound realizations it sparked about the beauty of disability. Dive into an story that captured the nation’s heart, highlighting resilience and the powerful lesson of acceptance. Sponsored by Help Enterprises.

John Johnson: Navigating Mental Health & Parenting with Autism

John Johnson shares the emotional journey of parenting a child with autism. Explore the impact on mental health, finding balance, and the importance of seeking support. A crucial episode for parents navigating similar challenges. Sponsored by Help Enterprises.

40 years, no vacations: Evan’s journey raising a son with Cerebral Palsy

In this pilot episode of A Few Good Men, host Murray Jones delves deep with Evan, who shares his 40-year journey of raising his son, Timmy, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Beyond personal trials and marital strains, Evan highlights the transformation in disability care over decades, emphasizes the need for male dialogue in this space, and […]

Embracing the Unexpected: Bill Savage on Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

Bill Savage shares his family’s transformative journey after their son James’s Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. Explore three decades of love, resilience, and the drive to create an inclusive world for non-verbal communication. In this episode, witness how acceptance, adaptation, and an unwavering positive mindset navigate life’s most challenging moments. Sponsored by Help Enterprises.

Scott Chapman: How one nephew inspired a digital revolution in disability

Inspired by his nephew Dan’s health challenges, Scott Chapman founded ‘Able Digital Wellness’ to provide specialized and tailored wellness content for individuals with disabilities. In this episode, Scott and Murray discuss the dire need for such platforms and the journey towards genuine inclusive health. Sponsored by Help Enterprises.

Buddha Barnes: 5 Kids, 5 Disabilities, 1 Blended Family’s Bond

Motorbikes, dyslexia, and a family of seven all with unique challenges —Buddha Barnes juggles it all. Known from the documentary “Because We Have Each Other,” this episode delves into Buddha’s remarkable journey, sponsored by Help Enterprises.