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What’s your favourite kind of music? How do you feel when the opposite of your favourite music plays compared to when you hear your favourite tunes? 


In this episode, Andy and Louise chat to Distinguished Professor of the Department of Psychology, and Director of the Music, Sound and Performance Lab at Macquarie University, Bill Thompson, and cognitive neuropsychologist at the Brain and Mind Centre at the University of Sydney, Muireann Irish about the influence music has on our mood and memory for neurotypical people as well as people living with dementia. 


Music isn’t only something most of derive pleasure from, but can also provide a doorway to memory and enhance our mood. 


Louise and Andy recall their time programming music for commercial radio stations and also explore their own personal connection to music and how it positively impacts their lives in this music-free music special… not counting our theme some and incidental music, that is, but after all, what would life be without a tune? 

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