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Managing your social media assets

Feeling a bit like you’re drowning in social media assets?

As you grow your social media strategy, it’s easy to feel like you’ve got too many things to keep tabs on. Successful social media posting is more that reaching for your phone between lattes… it takes real coordination, and in this episode we look at some tips to help lighten the load.

Listen now, then let us in on your strategy for success!

Some really helpful tools:
Seriously Simple podcasting
Facebook Creator Studio
Spreadsheet programs


Louise: You’ve got an increasing number of assets to manage but find it’s getting really hard to keep tabs on everything, so how do you keep everything organised?… I’m Louise Poole
Andy: and I’m Andy Le Roy, and we’re giving you the insights that elevate you as the expert in your field
Elevating Experts! 
Louise: When I started the Any Excuse For Fashion project a few years back, I quickly realised I needed to keep all of my plans neatly in front of me to keep the content flowing.
Andy: And as we embarked on Elevating Experts, we discovered a whole new range of asset we needed to keep tabs on to make everything flow better.
Louise: It would be easy to think that posting on social media is just reaching for your phone while sipping your latte
Andy: Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but for anyone producing a program and related social media campaign, sometime the latte has to wait.
Louise: Let’s take this very project as an example. A new podcast episode for Elevating Experts comes out three times a week and had appears multiple times per episode across multiple social media platforms.
Andy: There’s a lot to keep track of in between brainstorming for ideas and hitting the publish button which includes different versions of the content for each of the platforms, different graphics for each platform and how best to schedule the content for release at the right time on the right date.
Louise: For our podcast episodes and web page posts, WordPress has some excellent features and plugins to make things simple. In fact, the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin by Castos, the platform where our episodes live, integrates beautifully with WordPress scheduling so we can upload all of our episodes at one time and tell website when to make them go live. As we speak, not only are he next two episodes for this batch loaded and ready to go, but our entire next batch is waiting in the wings, waiting to be heard on their release dates.
Andy: Definitely worth checking to see if your podcast host has a similar app. It makes batching your episodes much easier. Speaking of batching content, there are lots of apps out there that help you to line up your social media content the same way. One of our favourites is Canva, which lets you schedule content across several platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It’s as easy as clicking on the little ‘add’ icon in your schedule calendar and adding content to your platform of choice. As you add them, a little icon confirms that you’ve got content ready to go on that date.
Louise: Maybe you’re keeping it a bit simpler and sticking with Insta and Facebook for now, which is a really good place to start. Facebook’s Creator Studio, available via your desktop browser is built for purpose and really easy to use. I love it because I can add an Insta post and including it on Facebook at the same time is as simple as selecting the option. Massive time saver and gives you full control of the time and date for publication.
Andy: When it comes to planning content ahead of time, I know you still love Trello, Louise
Louise: I do, Andy. The visual layout of Trello means that I can get a good grasp on how my grid will look on Instagram, for example, so I can manage the look and feel of it as I plan and create content. I can take this a step further as well and keep a visual representation of the pillars and themes I use to keep the feed fresh. At a glance, I can see exactly where my videos are being placed compared to my stills, and also see where my rants are bunching up and need to be balanced with some humour. It’s all about the balance, Andy!
Andy: My economics teacher wrote that into my year 12 yearbook and I can’t believe I just got that pun. But if we’re talking about keeping track of our best laid plans, I have to say a good spread sheet program is always going to be me best friend.
Louise: You do love a spread sheet!
Andy: Don’t get me started! Actually, too late. Before we’ve even left our brain storming session, I’ve got the details added to our programming spreadsheet. Here I can see what the episode title is as well as which pillars and benchmarks they align to. But it doesn’t stop there.
Louise: I suspected not
Andy: Well, you jest, but that same spreadsheet doubles as a checklist so I can see exactly where each episode is up to in its life cycle. For example, don’t forget to schedule the Pinterest posts for episode 25 on Monday
Louise: LOVE that efficiency, Andy. Really. I really do.
Andy: Don’t thank me, thank the spreadsheet. But before you go and schedule Pinterest, let’s quickly recap our five top tools for today.
Louise: Aye aye, skipper! First, there was seriously simple podcasting combined with WordPress. It gives you one place to upload podcast content AND schedule it for future release.
Andy: Magic. Then we’ve got Canva where, not only can you make the graphic assets for your posts, but you can schedule them on several platforms ahead of time.
Louise: Love it! I also really love the ease of Facebook’s creator studio to get those Insta and Facebook posts locked in and ready to go. Anything that saves time is a definite winner for me.
Andy: It means you can get back to your latte even sooner! But let’s not overlook the pre planning joy you get with Trello, which gives a nice visual layout of all of your elements so you can plan for variety so much more easily.
Louise: And your spreadsheets for keeping tabs on what’s coming up and where each component is up to. Time for me to go and schedule next Monday’s Pins.
Andy: Roger that! And next time on Elevating Experts, analysing where your time is best spent on social media.
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