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Las Cuatro by Alma Flamenca – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021

Compañía Alma Flamenca open on Tuesday 16th March with Las Cuatro at the Hillside Theatre, Gluttony, at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. 

Having won Best Dance Weekly Award in 2019, the company is excited to present Las Cuatro, set to an eclectic soundtrack and exploring the cycles of human interactions and experience that lead to true transformative power in the face of adversity.

Performers include Adriana Morales, Anita Zazzaro, Lisa Vertue, Natalie Quici, Roshanne de Silva Wijeyeratne and Sugika Nishiue.

Artistic Director Roshanne de Silva Wijeyeratne took time out of her day to chat about how COVID-19 has allowed Alma Flamenca to express themselves in a whole new way as Las Cuatro explores how predictable and volatile change can challenge us internally, as a community and globally. 

Head over to That Entertainment Podcast and listen to our chat. 

Tickets available from Fringetix.