How to be OK with who you are, feat. Scientia Professor Joe Forgas AM

Recent world events have highlighted the impact of people’s tendency to align with groups, supporting ideas or causes that ring true with their values. But what about that other tribe, the one we refer to as family? Scientia Professor, Joe Forgas AM chats to us about tribe identity in the context of family and the wider community, raising the question of whether it’s better to hear the hurtful things people say because suppressing their freedom to say it doesn’t remove their feeling about it anyway. Get ready for your first dose of “Joe bombs”!

Andy and Louise talk about their own relationship to and with different ‘tribes’ in relation to family and work and how they have used those affiliations to limit themselves in the past.

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Reframe Of Mind is an Australian podcast series where we explore mental health topics with commentary from scientific and psychological researchers and practitioners, with people whose lived experience supports the research, and applying their learnings to our own lived experience.

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