Busting Other People’s Opinions

How important are other people’s opinions to you? Seeking advice and support is one thing, but sometimes placing too much value on someone else’s opinion can have the opposite effect and limit us instead. It’s easy to become sensitive to or obsessed with what other people think, and worrying about it is something that can be hard to stop once that train has left the station.

Keeping ourselves mentally durable or tough helps bring the stability we need to meet our goals, so taking a lead from people who have tapped into this mindset seems like a great place to start.

In this episode, Andy and Louise deconstruct some old beliefs they once held, busting the impact of other people’s opinions as the draw from the perspective of guests who have overcome extreme events, and others who have used this mindset to their advantage in other, more common contexts.

Why is Louise not fond of straws, and how accomplished did Andy become at playing saxophone?

The mental health journey isn’t always traumatic, but if there’s trauma to be unpacked, you know they’ll go there.

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