Breaking our habits and addictions

Have you ever felt motivated to Google “am I addicted to alcohol?” or “am I Addicted to sugar?”

Addictions come in all shapes and forms, and it’s generally the things like nicotine or hard drugs we think of that need to be kicked for good health, but what about if, through peer pressure when we were younger, or through some other coping mechanism, we’ve developed a habit over time that we need to change or break?

Professor Maree Teesson AC from the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, has developed a range of resources to help with addiction and depression and had a long chat with Louise and Andy in the previous episode about mental health and substance use.

In this episode, Andy and Louise unpack some of the points Maree highlighted, sharing some of their own experiences with addiction on their mental health journey as they navigated all the regular social norms young people face.

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