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Generating Word of Mouth with podcasts

Podcasting relationships are just a new way for us all to connect one to one. Whether you’re actively participating in the interview, or participating as a listener, this is a moment in time that you are dedicating to do this one to one activity.

Tips on protecting your voice

Learn how to protect your voice if you’re recording podcasts, talking all day on zoom or are just a chatty Cathy.

Script writing for champions

These three simple steps will make your scripts more concise and conversational so it hits the mark for your audience every time.

How to get the most out of your interview, part 2 – the interviewee

You’ve got a chance to share that message with a new audience as a podcast guest. We already know that you’re an expert in the subject matter that you’re going to talk on and that’s why they asked you to be a part of the show. What we want to do is help you be able to get that message across, so it engages as many people as possible.

What you need to start a podcast

We know you enjoy listening to podcasts. And you’ve probably heard a podcast or two and thought to yourself ‘I could do better than that’. And you know what, you probably can. Anyone can start a podcast. So should you? Let’s bust some podcast myths and find out if podcasting is right for you!

Which Social Media Platform

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Social media use in on the rise, and not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to your social media strategy. Listen now as we look at some of the differences to see which one suits your brand the best.

Keeping your plan grand

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Business structure is the foundation for success. Make sure you r grand plan is well planned.