Why mentoring is important

We think they’re worth their weight in gold, but as we always say, don’t just take our word for it! Mentoring is on the minds of lots of Google searchers with questions like “who mentored Gordon Ramsay, “who mentored Justin Bieber,” and even “who mentored Jesus?” 


We don’t have the answers to any of those questions by as your trusty guides in this mental health story called Reframe Of Mind we (Louise and Andy) were really keen to find out how mentors can make a difference and how a mentorship can help you. As we push ahead building our own little empire with Welcome Change Media, we were especially interested to find out how mentors help to create success with startup businesses like our own. 


This episode’s guests include Indiginerd founder, Cienan Muir, female economy expert, Jacinta Carboon and 2021 NSW Young Australian of the Year, Nathan Parker, amongst others. Each guest has their own relationship to mentoring and being mentored and perfectly illustrate why mentoring is important not only in leadership, but in the workplace in general.  

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