Who is Nelly Thomas?

Are you a people pleaser? Maybe you’ve seen its impact on leadership or experienced first-hand how people pleasers can be drawn to toxic relationships. Are people pleasers really happy anyway?

Pleasing others isn’t always a bad thing, but when it becomes such a significant part of your personality, it can trigger anxiety and bring its associated trauma. So what happens when you stop that people-pleasing behaviour?

In this episode, we meet comedian, author, educator and broadcaster, Nelly Thomas, who helps us realise the value of reaching the zero ducks stage. And you know we’re not talking about ducks, autocorrect!


Nelly’s story is one of backing ourselves as she tells us, up front, about her mental health journey and how she has learned to value herself in the face of the outside world’s demands. Because once we take responsibility for looking after ourselves, those unreasonable demands just become white noise.

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