Who is Lisa Tamati?

We all want personal growth, right? But knowing what’s needed to improve and develop isn’t always easy.

Maybe life is starting to feel a bit robotic, and as much as you know doing something new could be good for you, trying out new things comes with its own risks. Add anxiety or depression to the mix, and it can feel even harder to find the self-motivation to get out of our comfort zone. Maybe it’s less about anxiety or depression and you just want to improve your performance, because looking after our mental health isn’t always about addressing mental illness.

The psychology around the reasons for pushing ourselves beyond our limits is well documented and highly observable in the field of endurance sports. Even if you’re not “sports minded” the science is there for everyone to benefit from in all kinds of environments. 

So, what is your comfort zone? How do you approach your goals, large or small?

Without engaging with cliches like “just pushing through to the next level” which if approached the wrong way, could just lead to burnout, the lessons New Zealand Ultra Marathon Runner, Lisa Tamati, has learned and applied from her own experiences are lessons for us all in backing yourself and pushing beyond what we or anyone else might think is possible.

Lisa has run over 140 ultra-marathons, won a string of National Titles and a number of podium places in international events, and if you think she’s just going to be one of those brassy motivational sporting types who’s full of their hype, you couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Lisa shares her story with Louise and Andy in this episode of Reframe of mind to show that through discomfort, we can truly grow.


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