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Treat it like you’re making a film

After labouring over your content strategy, it seems like you’ve created something that’s going to take forever to execute. Find a better way in how you batch your tasks. 

The feature-film making process

“Rope”: Alfred Hitchcock’s one-take wonder


You’ve got a whole content strategy worked out, but it looks like it’s going to take FOREVER to put everything together. There HAS to be a better way! I’m Louise Poole and I’m Andy Le Roy, and we’re giving you the insights that elevate you as the expert in your field

Elevating Experts!
Louise: I don’t want to ruin anybody’s movie-going experience, but everyone knows the scenes in The Sound Of Music weren’t shot in sequence, don’t they?

Andy: Maybe. And I know what you’re getting at here. Some of the best stories ever told were recorded out of sequence.

Louise: And only in some rare cases have films been shot in one take from beginning to end.

Andy:  Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope is an excellent example of that.

Louise: Now, when it comes to any type of content creation, it’s well worth having a look at the film making process.

Andy: Meticulous planning is a part of any film shoot, with careful planning for every angle and cutaway that needs to be captured for every scene

Louise: Then when it comes to getting everything in the can, the film crews will split up the script and film everything for each location at the same time.

Andy: So that scene at the end of the film that takes place in the same surroundings as the opening scene has actually been filmed at the same time.

Louise: And depending on when the crew attends that particular location might mean the character has been through part or all of the action in between.

Andy: Or none at all.

Louise: This is something you can take advantage of when making your online content.

Andy: Forget about shooting a new photo or video every day and making the content from scratch as you go. Use Louise’s favourite strategy instead.

Louise: Plan, Plan, PLAN!

Andy: Write your content and story boards first, then put some hours aside to go and shoot whatever images you need.

Louise: Then it’s time for your favourite tactic 

Andy: Batch, batch, BATCH!  Finish off all of the same sort of tasks at the same time and take advantage of that momentum a bit of repetition brings!

Louise: Like with anything, the better you plan, the quicker and easy it will be to execute.

Andy: Have a think about these questions as you’re putting your content together

Louise: What stories are you going to tell and over what period of time?

Andy: Is there a regular theme or range of themes you explore on a regular basis?

Louise: How regularly do you revisit certain topics or themes?

Andy: What’s the best way for you to visually lay out what you’re intending to say over a period of time?
Louise: Is there a more efficient way for you to create this content that leaves you more time to connect with your audience?

Andy: These questions are by no means exhaustive, but they will help to think about a different way to approach the way you make your content.

Louise: And before you know it, you’ll be scheduling your posts ahead of time in one go, freeing up more time to work on other important things.

Andy: Attending to your social media commitments can feel like a real time-zapper, so let’s recap some things that will save you a heap of time.

Louise: Think about it as if you were making a film.

Andy: Plan your content ahead of time and create a schedule that is consistent with your brand and adds variety.

Louise: Batch as many things as you can: set aside one time per month to create your images and written content.

Andy: Then schedule your posts ahead of time to save having to add individual posts every time.

Louise: The magic of this means that your time on social media will be spent connecting to the people you’ve made the content for, instead of feeling drained by the process by the time your fans starting responding.
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