Sustainable methods to keep you in front of your audience

No matter how much we try, sometimes it’s impossible to find time to connect with our social media audience.

If there’s one thing Louise has instilled in anybody she’s ever coached, it’s plan, plan, plan! And if there’s one thing Andy is a major fan of, it’s batching tasks together, like a production line, to get things done more quickly.

In this episode we put these two things together, and show you a pretty powerful resource for getting through a mountain of tasks really efficiently. 

Episode Transcript:

No matter how much we try, sometimes it’s impossible to find time to connect with our social media audience.

I’m Louise Poole and I’m Andy Le Roy, and we’re giving you the insights that elevate you as the expert in your field.

Elevating Experts! 

Louise: If there’s one thing I’ve instilled in anybody I’ve ever coached, it’s plan, plan, plan!

Andy: And if there’s one thing I’m a major fan of, it’s batching tasks together, like a production line, to get things done more quickly.

Louise: If we put these two things together, we’ve got a pretty powerful resource for getting through a mountain of tasks really efficiently. Let’s take a look at a real life example and how we’re using this to stay ahead of things.

Andy: What you’ve got going on over at Any Excuse For Fashion is an excellent example of how we’ve taken control of the schedule instead of becoming its slave.

Louise: Social media platforms have their rules and their algorithms, which can get really overwhelming, but the main thing to focus on, with anything you do is the people you’re connecting with.

Andy: When Louise and I started working together, she had a process in place to make sure she was speaking to her audience every day. There was just one problem, hey.

Louise: Every day at the same time I had to put everything down and edit the day’s photo then compose a post to go with it. 

Andy: You were easily losing between thirty to sixty minutes every day, depending on how complex that post was. 

Louise: I mean, I was photographing in batches so I had a reliable supply of images and videos, but there had to be a better way!

Andy: It’s around about this time we had a chat about tweaking your process, which had already gained you well over ten thousand followers.

Louise: But was getting a little bit cumbersome while trying to build other parts of the business. 

Andy: So we looked at the steps Louise needed to take from beginning to end to get those posts Published. We soon found some opportunities for a little production line to get our ducks in a row, so to speak.

Louise: The idea of a production line isn’t new. It started out in the car making industry.

Andy: Yes, everyone thinks Henry Ford came up with the idea, but apparently the claim to fame goes to Ransom E Olds, who built some of the world’s first cars. 

Louise: And the production line was definitely an approach we could apply to Any Excuse For Fashion. 

Andy: Let’s go the steps you take to get one of your posts up.

Louise: so It’s really interesting to break this down and see exactly what goes into this as a content maker. The first and most obvious step is to take a photo or video. but theres much more to it than that

Andy: Yeah, so, if it’s a static photo, you need to edit it to make sure it looks good. 

Louise: If it’s a video like a reel for Instagram, or a tiktok that has multiple moving images, I need to cut them together so it tells a story.

Andy: Next, you need to add any captions to the photo or video. 

Louise: THEN I need to compose my post and publish it. So by breaking these steps down, we realised we could group similar sorts of tasks together and do them at the same time before moving onto another batch of tasks.

Andy: You were already taking two to three weeks’ worth of photos in your regular photo shoots, so the real opportunity to save time was in the editing and composition phase.

Louise: And once we got into the swing of having  content ready ahead of time, in manageable batches, something else really exciting happened – we saved even more time at the photo shoots!

Andy: Gold star! We’ve got ourselves into a position now where we’re planning content ahead of the photo shoot and going into the day with specific goals, cutting out the need to brainstorm for ideas along the way.

Louise: Which doesn’t mean there’s no room for spontaneity. If anything, it makes the shoots more relaxed because we know what we’re aiming to achieve, and when something spontaneous happens along the way, it just adds to adventure.

Andy: It also means that when the post goes live, you’ve got more time to chat and interact with the people your post inspires that day.

Louise: Which is what this social media  game is all about!

Andy: It all sounds really simple when we talk about it.

Louise: And it is, but you need to be clear on the steps you need to take.

Andy: We’ve popped these into our show notes on the website, so you don’t have to write them down, but let’s quickly recap them.

Louise:  Have a look at your task from beginning to end.

Andy: You’ll want to identify all the steps along the way to completing your task.

Louise: and Have a think about how you can get things done more efficiently by grouping or batching your tasks together to make the process quicker.

Andy: And when you’ve tweaked your processes, you might even find new ways to save time you weren’t even aware of. We’d love to hear how you get along!

Louise: Next time on Elevating Experts: Strengthening your brand through the online connections you make.

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