Why your mental health matters

Meet Louise and Andy. They’re two people just like you who have asked the question: “Who am I?”

Ever wondered why you think you’re not good enough? Maybe you’ve felt like a castaway on the island of depression or come up against a big life change or some speed bumps in your relationships.

More than just a podcast about depression and anxiety, Dimaag Ka Rephrem is a mental health podcast from Australia that deals with toxic positivity and explores tools for mental health offered by scientific and mental health professionals and people who have found their own way out of some dark places.

Along with Louise and Andy, in this episode you will hear from all 31 guests who appear throughout the series from range of backgrounds and specialities. Using science, along with an exploration of critical thinking and lived experiences to support the journey, Dimaag Ka Rephrem explores the age-old question of “who am I” but also dives below the platitudes to help us truly back ourselves.

Episode transcript available at our Australian website reframeofmind.com.au

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, please seek individual professional help.

The following services may be able to offer some support: Mental Health Helplines