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Understanding depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety often turn up hand-in-hand. We explore these two common mental health issues with the help of The Happiness Institute Australia’s Dr Happy, Dr Tim Sharp, Associate Professor from School of Psychological Sciences at the University Of Tasmania, Dr Kimberley Norris and, Dr Lisa Saulsman, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy specialist and Senior Lecturer for the School of Psychological Science, University of Western Australia.

Together we explore the signs, symptoms and treatments, with an intention of de-stigmatising issues around depression and anxiety, with some personal stories from Louise and Andy, as well as some tools from our guests.

Episode transcript available at our Australian website reframeofmind.com.au

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Dimaag Ka Rephrem is an Australian podcast series where we explore mental health topics with commentary from scientific and psychological researchers and practitioners, with people whose lived experience supports the research, and applying their learnings to our own lived experience.

If you are concerned about yourself or someone you know, please seek individual professional help.

The following services may be able to offer some support: Mental Health Helplines