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Content planning 101

Plan! Plan! Plan! It seems simple to do but it’s easy to forget – but planning is the key to never running out of ideas for content.

We discuss Content Planning 101 in our latest episode of Elevating Experts, but here are some of our top tips:

♦ Think about how far ahead you want to plan your content

♦ How many posts/episodes are will you need?

♦ BRAINSTORM! Get all of those ideas onto a page

♦ Write the ideas you want to work on against your calendar on the dates you want to publish

♦ Write that content and schedule your posts!

Now you can relax knowing that whether you’re tired from a big day or full of beans, your content will be seen by your appreciative audience.

Let us know how your content planning has improved the way you connect with your audience.

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Elevating Experts is an Australian short form podcast series, with episodes running less than 5 minutes, released 3 times a week, giving you the insights that elevate you as an expert in your field. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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About the Hosts:

Created and hosted by Louise Poole and Andy Le Roy.

Louise has worked in Australian commercial radio, media and broadcasting for over 20 years, in on air and brand management roles. Her CV includes hosting 973fm Brisbane, Queensland, morning radio announcer and music director for 8+ years, Content Director of Darwin, Northern Territory radio stations MIX 1049, Hot 100. More info about Louise Poole here.

Andy has over twenty years leadership experience, across a range of fields including broadcasting, aged care and telecommunications. His CV includes Darwin’s top rating drive-time radio program to managing a successful community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia, helping it to expand its community appeal by leading the station to innovate its content. More info about Andy Le Roy here

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Episode Transcript:

Some days it feels like you’ve got nothing to say. You’re exhausted, so how do these people keep putting amazing content out time after time?

I’m Louise Poole, and I’m Andy Le Roy, and we’re giving you the insights that elevate you to become an expert in your field.

Elevating Experts!

Andy: If you’re using social media to connect to your tribe on a regular basis as part of your brand awareness strategy, you’re going to want to be consistent in all sorts of ways.

Louise: But along with everything else you need to think about, being there for your audience, almost like a standing appointment, is going to put you in their mind as someone they can rely on. So how do you find your inspiration day after day?

Andy: Let’s home in on how we’re doing this. If you’re not batching and scheduling your content by now, this would be a really good time to start thinking about it.

Louise: I really look forward to our content brain storming sessions.

Andy: Me too. It’s the space where no idea is a bad idea and we can come up with a plan of what we’re going to cover and when.

Louise: When we’re putting this podcast together, for example, or even when we were working in radio, we plan at least one month ahead so that we’ve got a regular supply of content to prepare and publish on time.

Andy: It also makes us think about how we can take part in certain themes or events ahead of time, and where we can make use of our evergreen content.

Louise: Evergreen content… let’s have a look at what we mean by that.

Andy: Well, let’s just say you produce a podcast every day, and today, you’ve decided to have a chat about what’s happening in the Suez Canal.

Louise: Right, because most of us might remember when a container ship got stuck and clogged up the works for a while.

Andy: Yes. And this is something that, as we’re talking now, is a past event. The content isn’t relevant any more. BUT, if we chose to talk about what to plant in your garden at this time of the season, that’s a type of content we could easily pick up and run with again at any time. There will always be some advice to be had on what you can plant right now. 

Louise: That’s evergreen content. So as you’re planning ahead for what you’re going to engage your audience with ahead of time, it’s really wise to have a look and see where your quick burn content might live. For example, you might have something to share on St Patrick’s Day. For the rest of the month, you might have some other insights to share.

Andy: It all comes down to the planning. Like when we planned ahead for this podcast series, we planned a good two months ahead with ideas on what subjects we wanted to cover and plotted it against a calendar so we could see what that looked like.

Louise: Then we worked on researching and scripting each episode before we even thought about opening our mics. Because the best content

Andy: Is planned content.

Louise: So let’s have a look back at how we can plan our content schedules for success

Andy: The first thing you’re going to want to do is set a goal for how many pieces of content you want to work on.

Louise: We work on the premise of twelve episodes a month, so mark out on your calendar when your content will be published.

Andy: Next, the fun part – brainstorming!

Louise: Have a look on your calendar to see if there are any one-off themes you want to include, then work on your evergreen content around that.

Andy: Then when you’ve got your ideas jotted down, write that content and schedule your publishing ahead of time.

Louise: Then it’s just a case of enjoying the connection you make with the people your content has touched that day. Enjoy!

Andy: And let us know how your content planning has improved the way you connect with your audience.

Louise: Next time, we’ll have a look at the importance of brand consistency in everything you do.

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