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We tell stories & help you tell yours

We tell stories & help you tell yours

We tell stories & help you tell yours

What We Do

We tell stories and help you tell yours, too!

Podcasts are getting more popular every day, and have really boosted in listener numbers over the last couple of years.

They are a way for us to connect with each other in a more personal way when we have the time and when circumstances don’t otherwise allow.

Businesses and corporations are seeing the value of audio branding because it cements customer relationships, but also for the value they add in boosting content for SEO.

We look after podcasting from start to finish and can produce as much or as little as you need.

Once you’re clear on why your business needs a podcast, check out the life journey of a podcast and see which parts you need our help with.

Our Podcasts:

Reframe of Mind

Reframe of Mind cuts through the platitudes and gets to the core of living authentically and improving our mental health, with the guidance of science, philosophy and other people's lived experiences.

Willow Tree Manor

Willow Tree Manor is a melodramatic satire is an 8 part fiction series following the lives of the Farnsworth-Carrington-Barton-Smith family, whose lives are turned upside-down after their cousin’s body is found on their property.

Elevating Experts

Elevating Experts is the place to come for some fresh perspectives and practical ideas that help podcasters and content creators save time and improve your processes.

That Entertainment Podcast

Andy and Louise chat to the entertainers and other creators behind the scenes of what’s happening in Adelaide and Brisbane.

A Podcast's Life Journey

It starts with an idea, then progresses to content planning and creation.



Brainstorming program formats and relevant content followed by researching topics and locking in suitable talent to have a chat. This is where you define your audience and determine how you will promote your show.


Interviewing your guests and getting the most out of each interview opportunity and recording your podcast whether solo or with guests.


Editing interviews, cleaning audio and mixing the sound together for a professional sound. Creating images and text for social media promotion as well as writing blogs based on your episode’s content. Social media posts are scheduled ahead of time to support the episode’s release.


Uploading the program to the distribution channels, including comprehensive show notes for listeners to access.

Are We A Match?

Helping others is a major value of ours. Louise and Andy’s mission is to produce inclusive podcasts that empower and inspire.

We take a collaborative approach that puts you in the driver’s seat because nobody knows your brand better than you do. With some input from our own areas of expertise, we aim to help everyone rise together.

In addition to creating the podcast itself, we’re here to help you choose the right social media platform right down to some advice on how to effectively manage your social media assets.

How To Start A Podcast

Have you already got some great ideas floating about and just need to know where to start?

We’re ready to help get your podcast into production and in front of your audience.

Our bespoke process means that whatever you produce will be the right fit for you.

Audio branding should complement your overall branding strategy. It’s really important that you get your brand voice right!

Starting your podcast is as easy as asking for help on whatever part of your podcast’s life journey you need.

For some more inspiration, we made this episode about what you need to start a podcast.

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